PokerJuice Syntax

One of the core features allowing you to describe postflop ranges fast and accurate is the PokerJuice Intelligent Postflop Syntax.

For example, if you want to assign villain all 2 pairs or better on a K932r board, then instead of typing in “KK,99,33,22,K9,K3,K2,93,92,32” you can just type “32+”. And it gets even better when you want to type in draws or combo-hands.

Invest 8 minutes in this video and save hours typing in postflop ranges in the future.


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    Can you tell me what is wrong with my syntax here? It’s coming up as just JT+, T7+ Q+ when I’m trying to do naked top 2 or better, bottom 2 w/ any gutter, or 8/9 blockers with a good gutter.

    I’m on a free trial, not sure if that’s an issue with the functionality.

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    Problem here is that Q+ is neither a made hand nor a draw so PJ Syntax will not convert it. Also, when you say “any gutter” remember to use “86+”. You can describe he hands you are looking for like this: JT+,T7+:86+,(88,99):K9+

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    hey, nice video.
    tho, i’m a bit confused (or unsure if i’m putting ranges right)
    here is a pic.
    what i want to put here (by using Ass:57+) are all combos of As+another spade+ straight draw w\ 57 or better). fwiw the flop is 46Tss
    and as far as i understand it includes hands like 9852 that i didn’t mean to include.
    do i something wrong?

    thanks in advance

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    Hi Andrey,

    The mouse over pop-up only shows how PokerJuice translate the syntax, it is not the full syntax. It only shows that it translates 75+ to 75, 9852 etc. If you want to get the full OO syntax you can click on the settings and choose Copy Odds Oracle Syntax.

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    alright. thanks for reply

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    The video isn’t working?

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    It works fine here. Please send mail to if you still have issues.


  9. Is this an older/newer version of pokerjuice? How can I see the equity/foldequity right away on the bottom, without clicking it on the left?

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    Yes, we are updating our software on a regular basis and this video is an older version. You can see FE needed without equity if you click on the bet size.

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    Hello, I try to understand PJ preflop ranges. In many of them I can see 6h (AA:16%6h, QQ:(xxyy:2%6h,xxyy!A:4%6h), Axxy!RR:(xxyy:18%6h),).
    What means 6h there?

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