writing all subcategories of ranges

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writing all subcategories of ranges

By Jozef


very nooby question i have. i want to know if so, and WHY is that, that to define ranges i have to include categories such as fe: MH, MH+FD, MH+SD, MH+FD+SD all separately? i mean: if i select fe 77+ on QJ7 board, why automatically arent all permutations of 77xx included (meaning also all str8draws and fds) or how is it? i mean, it would be so much easier, if i had to only write categories which have no overlapping (but idk how the program works). why it seems so that when pokerjuice gets the syntax 77+ on board QJ7 fe, it doesnt include a hand of 77KT? or? i totally dont understand why i cannot be writing just categories of: MH, SD,FD, when i want to obtain a complete range of hands that are interested in the pot lets say.

or is it different now? (i am writing this as i ve couple of minutes ago seen a video “assingning postflop ranges ” by Nikolaj from 2years, 6months ago 🙂

thanks a lot

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    In 77+ on a QJ7 board all permutations of 77+ is included.

    The reason that I wrote this article is for situations where you want to assign say all 77+ (MH) but only Q+ (MH) when there is T9+ (SD) included etc. I’ve seen many users assign incomplete ranges because they get lost in the number of combo-categories.

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