Ok to 3 bet pre?

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Ok to 3 bet pre?

By mark smith

  • Blinds: $0.50/$1.00
  • BTN Shanis34 ($154.36) 154bb
  • SB Airija ($100.00) 100bb
  • BB KisuKe_7 ($422.45) 422bb
  • UTG kennethkala ($256.05) 256bb
  • MP Grim10 ($289.15) 289bb (Villain)
  • CO matanzas1 ($96.00) 96bb (Hero)8c Js Ah Th
  • P ($1.50, 6 players)
  • kennethkala folds, Grim10 raises to $3.50, matanzas1 raises to $9.00, Shanis34 folds, Airija folds, KisuKe_7 folds, Grim10 raises to $28.50, matanzas1 calls $19.50
  • F ($58.50, 2 players) 9c 2h Jh
  • Grim10 bets $56.00, matanzas1 raises to $67.50, Grim10 calls $11.50
  • T ($193.50, 2 players) 9c 2h Jh Kc
  • R ($193.50, 2 players) 9c 2h Jh Kc 3s
  • Final Pot: $193.50

Just wondering if you guys think this is an ok hand to 3 bet pre? Also, once we are 4 bet and are sure he has AA, can I continue?

Stacking off is obvious…

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    Hi Mark,

    Thanks for posting!

    Without ranges or stats I will assume villain has average reg stats, and in that case I would not 3 bet that hand. Furthermore I don’t think it is profitable to call his 4 bet.

    Even IF you put him on a fixed AA range (in practice it is probably wider which hurts your EV) AND he stacks off on all flops (which he don’t and that also hurts your EV), then this is marginal call (according to PJs PS module): http://pokerjuice.com/hh/26677


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