New Pokerjuice features which I really like

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New Pokerjuice features which I really like

By Shahrad

Fortunately Pokerjuice doesn’t stop to improve and has added 3 new features which will make your life easy to work with RD when assigning and/or examining ranges.

The first improvement is that now RD remembers ranges for each player on each street and also remembers the ranges that you assign to each player in A-H.

As you can see in the following pictures when you change the active players, you don’t need to enter ranges again and again, they just change based on active player:

BTNs Cbetting range


BBs defending range


The next improvement is that you can now use the ranges in A-H as you can see above as variables and when you for example like in the first picture want to assign BTN a pot control range, than you just put #d in excluded range. I personally found it very difficult and time consuming to enter proper check back ranges and bluff raising ranges, which are now done within seconds.

The next really nice improvement is, now you can popup the ranges in A-H and have a nice overview, which ranges you have in which line and this makes it pretty easy when you have long lines of ranges and want to remove one range from one line and adding it to another line.

The new Popup


As I was the one who tested these new features, I decided to make a post and tell you guys that working with RD has become way more intuitive and working now even with complicated ranges has become a snap!

Last but not least, I wanted to give thanks to Morten and Nikolaj for making our work easier and easier with every of your improvements.


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  • Bjørn
    sweet! i didnt know that
    are these updates/changes in the 2.0.06 version? you have a symbol in the RD i dont recognize in mine (to the right of the check mark where you select cumulative ranges)
    @spassewr – this will be part of the next update (2.0.10)!
    looks great, looking forward to work with these new features!
    This looks very helpful for issues I’ve been trying to solve when looking at spots. So in the second example with #F+ cbet exclude #D that means that BTN cbets ranges F-A except for hand in range D? Are the ranges then set to non-cumulative? (so B would not include hands that are in A for example) In image 1 range C the entry is K$np:dd, i’m not exactly sure what this denotes?  Is there a resource for a full list of the PKJ commands b/c as someone new to PKJ and relatively new to odds oracle sometimes I still have difficulty inputting ranges and knowing I’ve been precise.  I find this especially true b/c with certain commands that return a lot of combos (like FDs) the pop-up doesn’t list all the hands that are being included.
    Yes, the cbetting range includes F+ (A-F) without the hands in #D. Lets say I had excluded #C=K$np:dd, than BTN would check back any unpaired ($np) King which comes with a backdoor flush draw (:dd). It is also possible to write: #A,#B,#C,#E,#F. This way you don’t need to exclude the range in #D. The commands in PJ are the same commands used in OddsOracle.
    Those are some awesome additions. Well done!
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