Learning to use 3 way tool

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Learning to use 3 way tool

By Andrey

the other day I saw PJ’s (guess it
was Nikolaj) video on using 3way

Now tried it myself but not certain
if I did it right. So, I’ll wright down here what I’ve done step-by-step and if
someone will be willing to go thought it and point out the mistakes I’m very

Here is a hand. https://pokerjuice.com/hh/24098/

1) (the part I most uncertain
we put Hero’s stack size and pot size.

I put them as they are before any action (is
it right?)So, both villains are checking to me and I have a decision to make w\
SPR ~2.1, once again: I put numbers before any action OTF.

put opponents stack
as well.

2) I made
RD module for both opponents
, defined
their get it in sub-ranges
run a simulation.

put the freq. and eq.
for both opponents.

seem like that’s it.

3) what’s the difference between EV and Weighted EV?

picture of 3way page:


thanks in advance for any feedback