How to use PJ syntax

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How to use PJ syntax

By limpinski

  • Blinds: $10.00/$10.00
  • SB ($1000.00) 100bb
  • BB ($1000.00) 100bb (Villain)
  • UTG MP ($1000.00) 100bb
  • MP CO ($1000.00) 100bb
  • BTN ($1000.00) 100bb (Hero)Ks Th 8d 3s
  • P ($20.00, 5 players)
  • MP calls $10.00, CO calls $10.00, BTN calls $10.00, SB checks, BB checks
  • F ($50.00, 5 players) As 7s 6d
  • SB checks, BB bets $50.00, MP folds, CO folds, BTN raises to $200.00, SB folds, BB raises to $650.00, BTN raises to $990.00, BB calls $340.00
  • T ($2030.00, 2 players) As 7s 6d


New user here!
Was talking with a friend of mine about a hand he played.

We were wondering if this would be a plus EV shove or not, but since i’m a new user i dont know if i’m using PJ syntax optimally.

I want to use the following hand range but then according to PJ syntax.

A7+ plus extra, A6+ and flush draw or plus T9.
13-way draw plus flush draw or AT98 type hand, A986.
AT9xss type hands.

Some insight would be appreciated.

Kind regards,

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    something like this? 😉

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    Thanks Joan!

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