General question about Peel & Shove

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General question about Peel & Shove

By Gabriel

Hello, i like to play short stack PLO and i have some troubles to figure out when to call 3 bets with 40 bb stack and shove the Flop . Here one example –

So the Villian have AA** in this spot for sure , on the flop the spr will be 1 so i have to flop 33% to make a break even shove , and Pokerjuce says to me that i will stack off on 43,60% of Flops, why is this still – EV Peel?

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    Because stacking off isn’t autowin?

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    so if pokerjuice says its a +EV Peel i can call preflop right?

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    Yes, as long as you trust the presumption that Villain is committed with his entire stack in all scenarios!

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