Cbet\Checkback desicion on 'bad for our range' flop

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Cbet\Checkback desicion on 'bad for our range' flop

By Andrey


MP isolates here only 19%, then his range shouldn’t hit this bord too hard,

I made Range Distribution for villain and my idea is that #D\#F should be folding sub-ranges, if so (and MP plays honestly) betting 55-60% here is reasonable play?

Also, when I point at #D (QQ+) it shows 76,TT etc, but this combos already included in sub-ranges #A\#B ,so QQ+ are in fact only overpairs, right?

any feedback appreciated.

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    Seems you played it fine, with no further reads.

    a) Shoving flop is -EV unless you can exclude a value based leading range (since he didn’t lead)

    b) Shoving Turn when he leads is also -EV

    Link to PKJ: https://pokerjuice.com/hh/24424/

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