about a subscription renwal

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about a subscription renwal

By Evangelos


I just found out by checking my neteller account one year PJ subscription renewed 10 days ago.

Unfortunately I don’t use PJ, I don’t even play PLO anymore, I used my last 1 year subscription for about 20 days.

It wasn’t in my intentions to renew it, it was made by mistake because of your autorenewal function.

So I do not intend to use it PJ at all and I want to kindly ask to get a full refund and cancel my subscription.

Thanks in advance


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  • Nikolaj

    Hi Vatal,

    Automatic renewal is not possible on Skrill, Bank Transfer or Neteller, so subscription not paid will be automatically canceled. Even if you unintended renewed yearly subscription via Paypal or Creditcard, we offer 14 days refund on those renewals.


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