3Bet pot OOP w KKds

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3Bet pot OOP w KKds

By kamil.hausman


Hey guys, i came back after a long break!

MP opens ~25%, 4B AA

1. I 3Bet here ~6%, these ds ragged kings included, is that ok?

2. In Shove module i gave him SOR: T+, 78+, 9+:67+

Bet/call is +12 EV BB. I checked in the game. How would you play your range here readless?

3. I have a read and stats that he’s stabby (65% vs missed in general). My adjustment i suppose is to x/r some wraps and hands like AAJ8 with bdfd

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    1. Tough to give you a number that’s ok as your 3b%. But 6% is probably fine. It’s tight, but it all depends on how much you call etc. This hand is def a 3bet unless you think BB will squeeze often.

    2. I think you’ve given him to wide a range. I can’t see villain getting it in with T+ or 78+. I would do a range like 39+,9+:78,678+. Maybe throw in some T hands with good kickers.

    When I run my suggested range the ev is 2,51$. 23,38% stack of and 76,62% folding. Problem is that in the folding range there will be a lot of calling hands as well.

    3. If that’s his true stab % I would xr him with a lot of hands with equity. You have a lot of FE on top of your equity.

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    I totally agree with Mikkel on all 3 points.

    Personal I don’t bet here a hand so weak, I keep it in x/c range on the flop and depending on the turn card I will probably call maximum 1 more time.

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