3 -Way Tool – What is the Pot Size?

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3 -Way Tool – What is the Pot Size?

By JNandez87

Hi guys,I played the following hand and wondered how to fill out the 3-way shoving tool correctly. Any help would be greatly appreciated.



My problem was basically to figure out what number to choose for the field “Pot Size” in this specific hand example.


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  • Haru

    I actually see more than one question from your hand, so it would be good to specify exactly what you want to calculate.

    Do you just want to compare between shove and fold vs 2 shoves after investing $57.3? If so, you probably want potsize= (flop pot size)+3* 57.3 (to make sure that your original call $57.3 is already in the pot. Stack sizes for Hero/Villian 1,2 should be adjusted accordingly and set stack-off freq 100% since they already shoved.

    Great question JNandez87! To get the right result you have to treat the 3-way tool as if Villain 1 (BB) first calls and then shoves, please see below demonstration:  

    Awesome guys, thank you very much for the quick response.


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