Getting Started

Are you new to PokerJuice and don’t know where to start? Look no further. This 10 minute video will give you a good introduction to PokerJuice and what we are all about. We highly recommend watching this video as the first thing you do after signing up!


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    If you have never tried PokerJuice before you can use the promotion code “gettingstarted” and get a 28€ discount on your first order. This means that you can try PokerJuice and get access to PokerJuice Club for 30 days for only 1 euro. Cancel at any time and even get 14 days money back guarantee!

  2. Can I play, I live in Michigan.

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      Hi Dean,

      If you mean play with PokerJuice then yes, the only restrictions using PokerJuice is that you are not allowed to use PokerJuice while having PokerStars or Full Tilt Poker turned on.

      If you meant where you can play real money games in the US I suggest that you read my blogpost The State of Online Poker in the US


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    Getting started promotion has ended, but you can get started for 29 euro for 1 month with a 14-day money back guarantee:


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