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TheDrunkLife PLO Coaching (HU and 6m)

By TheDrunkLife

I made the switch from HS SNG (results) to PLO in June of 2014 and became a winning mid-stakes reg inside of 3 months. I owe a large debt of gratitude to PokerJuice and it’s co-founders Morten and Nikolaj. In a short period of time I’ve been able to do work that took my friends literally years using PPT alone. I am happy to offer PLO coaching so that you can benefit from this work, and also to teach others how to do this work on their own.

My Background

I began my journey to be a professional poker player in Nov 2008 after being berated by another player while 1 tabling a $5 reg-speed SNG. He told me I had “Bad ICM” my play was “-EV” and that I was a “donkey.” I didn’t understand anything he was saying, so I typed these terms into google. I found an article on a training site about how to make $10/hour playing 4 tables of $10+$1 Turbo SNGs. I needed a windows laptop to run “pokertracker” and “SNG Wiz” so I bought one on a credit card. I had just got laid off from my job as a sales manager due to the US economy downturn, and without an opportunity in sight, $10/hour seemed pretty good.

Fast forward 6 months and I’m a $100-$200 SNG reg shot taking $300+. Within a year I had packed my life into my Honda Civic and drove from NY to Vegas to live the life I’d dreamed about while watching WSOP on TV as a teenager.

You might ask why I’m telling you this; it’s because all I needed was someone to show me how to learn. I’d been a competitive magic player as a kid, and seen all these magic players like Ike Haxton , David Williams and Justin Bonomo make the switch to poker and make millions, and I was just sitting there aimlessly playing expecting to get there off my natural abilities.

I didn’t know what I didn’t know, so I certainly didn’t know how to go about learning it.


I don’t think my results are the main reason you should select me as a coach, but I will show some for credibility and for those who do think this metric is highly important. I think my process for studying and my ability to demonstrate and articulate that process to students would be by far the greatest reason to buy coaching from me.

These are my 1/2 results, it’s not a massive sample, but with the amount my game is growing day to day I think getting a large sample of a dynamic variable such as PLO knowledge is difficult. I’m happy to report that I’m playing mostly 2/4-3/6 these days and having good results there also.

My Approach

I I think I can maximize value for students by helping them think about the game, come up with good questions, and learn how to answer those questions. I’m happy to give specific hand advice, but with 270,725 unique starting hands in PLO, learning how to think about your range and do analysis in programs like Poker Juice is going to be much more valuable than how to play wxyz hand on xxx flop vs ect ect.

I’ve always felt like it was my process that made me the player I’ve been able to be, and generally my best results always followed prolonged periods of hard work utilizing my rigorous study process, and my worst results were following bouts of overconfidence and thinking that my results would come from who I am rather than my continual work and evolution as a player. Hard work pays off, but you also need to know the right way to work hard in order to be effective.

I’m here to offer guidance, answers, questions, motivation, and whatever else you might need. I have a genuine desire to see my students succeed, and I would like to work with the most motivated students. I hope my students will challenge and motivate me too.

Why you should select me as your coach

I’m a relatively recent crossover to PLO, so all the things you need to learn as a newer PLO student and especially with regard to PokerJuice are very fresh in my mind. I’ve been learning on the job since day one and I learn every day.

I’m extremely dedicated to poker. Coming from a high stakes background, there in no complacency in me for grinding out a win-rate and going about my day. I’m curious and pushing to improve my game each day. While you are evolving as a student, I will also be evolving as a coach. I will endeavor to continue challenging your mind and your process from one lesson to the next, no matter how good you get ?

Also, as someone who has played poker professionally for 8 years, I think I have a lot of general advice about managing your life as a poker player. I work as a Mental Game & Performance coach for the BitB staking team, and I am happy to intersperse any useful guidance I can alongside your poker learning.

Session Options

As my first coach ever told me, it should really be up to the student. Whatever you think you need, I will do my best to help you. You know where you struggle and you know how you learn best.

One of the best ways I’ve found is to start is to record yourself playing for 30min using a screen recording service like Camtasia, and then share the file with me over dropbox. This way I can view your play ahead of time and prepare notes for you with specific time stamps.

I actually found that recording my sessions, and especially talking aloud my thought process while I play as if it were a training video, forces me to play my A-game, helps me avoid emotional thinking, and encourages my best poker thought process to come out.

Other Study options include:

  • Noted HH review session: We use PKJ and other tools to review your marked hands together.
  • Session HH Review: We look through a block of consecutive HHs from a session and discuss interesting spots and hands. Great for finding slips between A/B/C game, or making exploitative adjustments.
  • Database filtering: Looking for known weaknesses, common mistakes, or hard to find leaks.
  • Stat assessment: Basic overview of your play based on stats with reasonable sample.
  • Opponent Analysis: Got a Nemesis? I’ll help you break apart their game and note take so you can be prepared for the next time you play.
  • HUD analysis: We can take a look at your HUD and I can suggest stats I would or wouldn’t use, and give advice on how to interpret stats and which can be misleading. I’m very proud of my own HUD, but I feel like everyone needs to cater their HUD to how their own mind works. I spent days on mine ?
  • Rangework: We can use Poker Juice to look at your range in different spots and formulate strategies for different board textures and run-outs. Very useful for playing as or against the BB in single raised pot vs different common opening ranges across the various textures, or in any post-flop situation where pre-flop ranges are somewhat defined.

All of the above can be done with you or me leading the session. If you show me how you study, then I can help you optimize your process and make sure you’re on the right track. If you want me to show you how I study, or to guide you into a good study habit with your data, I’m happy to do that too.

I do NOT offer live advice. Live sweats break T&C for basically every poker site I’m aware of. It’s also a much less efficient use of time than reviewing recorded sessions where you can stop and discuss rather than have real-time real-money discussions forcing the conversation forward. Accomplishing sweats via recorded sessions is vastly superior from and educational standpoint.


The cost is 175 per hour.

For students who wish to purchase a block of 4 lessons, I will offer 650.

Alternativly, I will review a 30 minute video of your play and provide written time-stamped notes and a video explanation of my notes for 175 €.

-You can also use this time to go through your database and ask about specific hands to maximize your value.

For payment I can take Skrill (Euro/USD), PS, or Bitcoin, and those options are in list of preference.

Good coaching relationships can lead to staking/coaching opportunities in rare cases.


Please send all coaching requests to:

In your email, please include anything you’d like me to know about you as a player and a person. Give me an idea of where you are at and where you would like to get to.

Also be sure to include:

  • What is your Time Zone?
  • What Days and Time are you available and when would you most prefer.
  • Do you want to do live coaching or submit videos and get written/video feedback?
  • Your Skype username
  • What sites you play on, and what current stakes, and your usernames (I will share mine also)
  • Where are you at with PLO in relation to your goals for PLO
  • How well do you know how to use PokerJuice (no idea, familiar but unsure in spots, expert)
  • What additional software you use (PT4, HM2, PPT, ect)
  • Do you have an active Poker Juice Subscription (If not please use my link)
  • Method of payment

Try to be as complete as possible in your email, it’s important to me not to waste any time from your lesson with housekeeping stuff. Also, if you want to tell me a little bit about yourself, this often makes the experience more fun and rewarding. I’ll keep lessons on topic, so the email is a good chance to let me know about your life goals and what’s going on with you.

Thanks for taking the time and I look forward to helping you on your PLO journey.

*I didn’t intend the smiley faces to be this large, but I decided to keep them. Cheers!

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    I had 2 sessions with James so far and I have to say I’m quite satisfied with the progress we’ve made. My game has been stagnating for quite a while but now I feel like I’m finally making real progress again. He also puts in quite a bit of extra work outside of the actual coaching session and he really helped me boost my motivation to study. I feel like I also improved my way of studying and find it easier to do stuff like putting in an hour in PJ on a more regular basis. I definitely recommend him as a coach and look forward to our next sessions!

    Profile photo of jerni jerni

    James is an extremely talented coach. What has made him successful in my sessions:
    –He is a clear communicator. He explains complex and nuanced issues in a way that is both true to the topic and clear to the student. He has an easygoing manner and the practical perspective of a pro grinder, which I think is a perfect combination for a teacher
    –He is quantitative when he needs to be. Poker is in some sense a math problem, and James clearly knows his stuff (hence his Pokerjuice profile); but he knows how to translate that into practical gameplay in today’s games
    –James is extremely dedicated. For my first lesson, I sent him footage of my playing low stakes PLO. He sent back detailed oral commentary, and answered all my follow-up questions over email. I got the sense he really just wanted to help me be better at the game

    I can’t recommend James highly enough. I think even one session with him will demonstrate his skill and commitment to teaching, so I encourage anyone who is considering PLO coaching to include James in their evaluation.

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