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PLO Fundamentals

By Jonna102

After a few years of trying to learn PLO from all the fragmented resources around, like videos, books, e-books, coaches, forums, etc., I put together my own roadmap through the material. This became the basis for the PLO Fundamentals Basic course. In its simplest form it can be regarded as a guided self-study course through a lot of the PLO material available from other sources. I also add some own material, like homework problems for example. New PLO players often ask in forums “where do I start?”, and the 12-week course is my response to that. Interestingly, it works just as well for mid- and high stakes players who want to plug holes in the fundamentals, or just have a structured way of reviewing concepts before going further.

However, there are many concepts that are not explained very well in the poker community. Concepts like range construction for PLO, which is the main topic of the Advanced course. There are fragments all over the place however, and having watched most PLO videos out there, I have been able to collect the concepts into a more succinct format that is easier to learn from. On top of that, I like things quantified, visual and practical, so we also work extensively with pictures and software like PokerJuice.

At the very deepest level however, PLO and poker is not just about ranges, but about strategies. And this is the topic of the Elite course. It is built on game theory concepts, and we apply them to PLO using PokerJuice and other tools. It’s really the most fun course of them all, but also very demanding. Designing max exploit or equilibrium strategies requires us to keep track of possibly hundreds of ranges at once, and we find ways to deal with that and extract knowledge from the examples. All courses are actually based on game theory concepts and other solid theory foundations, we just don’t talk about the theory so much until the Elite course.

Having studied most available material on PLO, I can probably find a reference to just about any PLO question you can ask. This is an important component in my coaching, as there are countless people in the community offering their opinion widely and do coaching by recipe. My coaching is based on teaching you how to make your own recipes.

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    Hi, How can I get in touch with you?
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    PM me (jonna102) at RunItOnce, TwoPlusTwo or DeucesCracked.
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    Hi Guys, Just wanna add that we of course will add PM functionality here in the community. That and more to come so stay tuned 🙂 /Nikolaj
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    hi jonna, few questions, how much do u charge? what stakes/site(s) do u play? winrate/graphs.. thanks dave  
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    Hi David, Please PM me as indicated above and I’ll be happy to share more.
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    PM sent on 2p2 from OMGBarackObama
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