Table Stats – definitions and usage

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Table Stats – definitions and usage

By Nikolaj


I wanted to make this post to explain the definitions of our table stats and add some usage advice to them. And I am curious of what you think of the PokerJuice table stats? How do you use them? Are there any table stats that you are missing and think we should add?

The story of the table stats is that the very first steps we took back when we decided to create a software that could assist us in doing PLO analysis, was to list the table stats we would like to have displayed at all times.

There were a lot on the list but these 6 table stats made the cut:


Table Stats


Pot Odds: Displays the pot odds that we are getting in. Handy when estimating how much (immediate) EQ you need in order to call a bet/raise.

Eff. Stacks: Displays the Effective Stacks between Hero and Villain. Does not take into account other players. Keeps track of effective stacks in post flop action.

Share: Hero’s equity in the pot translated to $. Can be used to compare with the EV of another action, like for example a shove.

SPR: Displays the Stack-to-Pot ratio at the beginning of the street. The SPR does not change during betting on a street. Many players have SPR guidelines for post flop action in common spots; knowing SPR is key.

SOEQ: Short for “Stack-off Equity” and refers to the equity needed to stack-off with no fold equity to breakeven. Very useful playing through a hand scanning for potential mistakes.

SOEQ_NS: Short for “Stack-off Equity Next Street” and refers to the equity needed to stack-off with no fold equity on the next street to breakeven. For planning ahead or doing multi-street calculations.



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  • Yoni
    I think you’ve covered the basics pretty well here. I think a table stat unique to PLO would be: 1. How often the nuts changes on the next street. Then some stats to be displayed when hovering over a player’s equity could be: 2. Equity vs the nuts 3. Chance of holding the nuts by the river. Stats 2 and 3 could maybe be calculated with a button or a popup as they require an equity simulation, stat 1 could be good for the table stats because it’s very easy to calculate (for a computer software) and it’s a rather useful stat to refer to in many flop and turn situations.
    I had suggested to show next street equity based on nuts. Especially helpful with range vs range analysis. I like your suggestions as well.
    Great feedback, guys! Will add some of these features as soon as we get a chance 🙂
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