Assigning Post Flop Ranges

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Assigning Post Flop Ranges

By Nikolaj

– a checklist for drawy boards

When you assign ranges it is easy to get into the habit of just adding hands ad hoc in the order you come to think of them. The problem with doing it unstructured like that is that you easily forgot some type of hands, especially combos on drawy boards.

To avoid that you can use this little checklist when assigning ranges:

1. Made Hands (MH)
2. Flush Draws (FD)
3. Straight Draws (SD)
4. Made Hands + Flush Drawn (MH + FD)
5. Made Hands + Straight Drawn (MH + SD)
6. Flush Draws + Straight Drawn (FD + SD)
7. Made Hands +Flush Draws + Straight Drawn (MH + FD + SD)

Let’s try an example where we want to assign a SOR for Villain on this flop:

Drawy Flop

We start out defining the worst (naked) made hand you want to stack off with and then add “+”. Then move on to add the worst (naked) FD and a “+” and so on. In a sheet the range for this example looks like this:In a sheet the range for this example looks like this:


Not rocket science as long as you remember that there are 4 kinds of combos on a wet board that contains both straight draws and flush draws; something which in fact around 50% of all flops do, so it might be worth your time to get more structured on this.




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