The State of Online Poker in the US

A very frequently asked question I get from US based PokerJuicers is: Where can you legally play online poker in the US?

Ever since Black Friday this has also been quite blurry to me so I decided to take a closer look into this. Initial research made it clear that this was not an easily answered question. So I reached out to, who seemed to have made some interesting industry and market analysis on this very topic,

Phil Galfond: Under-defense part 1 and 2 on

Phil Galfond and PokerJuice is one of our favourite cocktails and fortunately this month has seen not only one but two of these! In Under-defense part 1 & 2 Phil Galfond uses PokerJuice to take a closer look at both his opponents and his own ranges to figure out what type of hands to defend. As usual; really good stuff!


Click below to watch them on

Watch Under-Defense (Part 1)
Watch Under-Defense (Part 2)

PokerJuice Club Launched

PokerJuice Club Image

PokerJuicers Club

To many a barrier for being more active in PLO forums is that they do not want to educate the players that do not contribute! That is probably why many forums are struggling with getting quality content and discussions. With the launch of PokerJuice Club and private study groups we believe that this barrier has been lowered considerably!

PokerJuice Club is exclusively for PokerJuice subscribers. Morten and I and the PokerJuice coaches will be active and try to make the membership of PokerJuice Club a value adding asset to the software. 

We now accept Credit Cards!

We are now able to accept almost any kind of credit or debit card including Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. We can also accept gift and prepaid cards that are one of the below types.



PokerStrategy Partnership Press Release

PokerJuice Announces Partnership With

Pot Limit Omaha (PLO) players striving to improve their game will be excited to learn that leading PLO analytics software resource PokerJuice and top poker training site have announced a partnership that will result in a series of quality PLO videos from PokerStrategy coaches featuring PokerJuice software.

November 17, 2014

Going from good to great in today’s highly competitive Pot Limit Omaha (PLO) environment not only requires skill,

Added Value in our Yearly Plans

In PokerJuice we believe the right study routines are the key to increasing your winrate and stay ahead of the competition. We also believe that PokerJuice should be a part of these study routines. Though it is possible and totally fine if you prefer to go for a monthly subscription that you can turn on and off, we do encourage to sign up for a yearly subscription and to commit yourself to more lasting and healthy routines.