PokerJuice 2.0 Released

We are very happy to announce that we have now released PokerJuice 2.0. We took our time with this update going through a long beta phase because we wanted to get it right. We want to thank all our beta testers for the invaluable feedback and bug reports we have received. It has been a great experience and we have changed and polished details in the software many time during the process.


We hope that you will enjoy studying PLO with PokerJuice and while you study we will keep improving the software.

Phil Galfond: One Hand, Forty-Four Rivers

PokerJuice was yet again featured in this state-of-the-art PLO instructional video on Run It Once. This time Phil recounts a live play hand from the summer and breaks down his turn decision by analyzing every possible river card and their effects on his EV. He demonstrates how he uses PokerJuice in the process. It is obvious that Phil put a lot of work into this one:


This is not only a beautifully presented video,

Ph33rox Case Study #3

In this case study Ph33rox shows us how to utilize PokerJuice in 3way 3bet pots:


CO opens, and we 3bet a premium hand on the button. BB cold calls, and CO flats as well. We see a flop 3way. we completely miss the flop, but it also doesn’t nail our opponents’ ranges. SPR against BB is slightly under 3, and SPR vs CO is slightly over 3. They both checks to us –

Ph33rox Case Study #2

Make sure to read this excellent article by PJ power user Ph33roX on continuation betting on a monotone flop in a 4bet pot:


We open our SB with AA62ss, and get 3bet by BB. BB is a recreational player who hasn’t been too out of line so far with regards to 3bets. I assign him a 8% 3bet range which is reasonable for a BB vs SB situation, given his tendencies.

PJ Power Analysis

We in Team PokerJuice believe that poker analysis should be accurate, useful, fast, and fun. The goal for this series is to demonstrate how to use PokerJuice to quickly explore and solve complex PLO scenarios. We will cover both basic usage and the more advanced features of the program.

In this first episode we are taking a look at a hand posted on by SnowmanMOT.