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PokerJuice is the greatest piece of PLO software I have ever come across. It still boggles my mind the things it can do, and the ease with which it can do them. Solving complex situations and evaluating your EV in spots that would have previously taken hours can now be done in minutes – it’s truly quite amazing. Do yourself a favour and get this program. Honestly I can’t imagine going back to reviewing my sessions without PJ now. - Roy “GodlikeRoy” Bhasin, Team PokerStars Pro Member

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PokerJuice is second to none when it comes to PLO Analysis! This intuitive and easy to learn software will make your studies more effective than ever before!
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As a PokerJuicer you are not on your own! Nikolaj & Morten and the rest of our community of helpful PokerJuicers are standing by to help and assist new members!
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I am not affiliated with the software, and have not been asked to promote it. But I use it enthusiastically, and I want to spread it, and shout out a testament to its brilliance from Mount Poker. The summit of which, as it happens, I believe this software will bring me closer to. - Zen Fish

Why should you try to find all the answers yourself? When you go treasure hunting, you use a map to get there and without the map, you might not ever find it. Same with PokerJuice and PLO. With PokerJuice as guidance, your learning process will be oriented towards progression on a regular basis and you will instantly feel the impact this software has on your game - Viktor Luis Larsson, PLO Coach

PokerJuice has been the single, greatest contribution to my PLO game. I’ve aquired a better understanding of players’ range- and equity distribution in the 3 months I’ve had PokerJuice than the 15 months prior. - Spassewr, Scanian PokerJuicer

Thanks Guys! Answered/fixed my problem and took your time to juice the hand! This could be the best support response I’ve ever got from any company ever. Not kidding. - Daniel, Swedish PLO professional

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I have been a professional poker player since 2005. I find poker theory and combinatorics very interesting and challenging but with a background in software development I kept thinking that there had to be a better way! I think PokerJuice brings something fresh and unique to the PLO community. - Morten Poulsen, Co-Founder of PokerJuice

I have been playing PLO as professional for more than 6 years and before that I was a professional chess player. I was used to studying much more with chess and I wanted to keep the same work ethics in poker but the payback from time spent on studying was never the same. I hope this has changed now! - Nikolaj Borge, Co-Founder of PokerJuice