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PokerJuice lets me combine intuitive thinking, creativity and analysis in a way that no other poker software does. I have tested it extensively and find it to be lightning fast and rock stable. I'm looking forward to putting it to hard work in the weeks to come :-) - Zen Fish

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In short, this is a MUST buy for anyone who is serious about learning PLO. It makes most of what you can do with PPT (ProPokerTools) so much easier, thanks to its "smart" syntax and lots of other features. And more importantly, it will make PLO studying heaps of fun! - Midori, Poker Coach

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You no longer need 5 different tools; everything is combined in PokerJuice. Simulations and calculations that you previously spent hours doing can now be done in seconds!

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All action is centered around the replayer, so you do no longer need a photographic memory or in depth knowledge of complicated math formulas.

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You no longer need 5 different tools

You can find free expert preflop ranges, case studies for inspiration, instructional videos, marketplace where you can find study groups and even regular hangouts! Have a look by yourself at this recent coaching webinar or subscribe to our YouTube channel below.

PokerJuice is reviewed by the PokerStars Game Integrity Team and is "Permitted for use at all times for both PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker" - PokerStars Game Integrity Team

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All additions/improvements you have done from the first day until now all are very very successful!! Thanks! Copy paste a hand history makes it very helpful for me. It was really very nice that I could spend only a little time for reviewing my hands (or hh from RIO, 2plus2 after last update). Syntax is also really great. - Tsialanis Giannis, Happy PokerJuicer

PokerJuice Founders

Why we created PokerJuice

I have been a professional poker player since 2005. I find poker theory and combinatorics very interesting and challenging but with a background in software development I kept thinking that there had to be a better way! I think PokerJuice brings something fresh and unique to the PLO community. - Morten Poulsen, Co-Founder of PokerJuice

I have been playing PLO as professional for more than 6 years and before that I was a professional chess player. I was used to studying much more with chess and I wanted to keep the same work ethics in poker but the payback from time spent on studying was never the same. I hope this has changed now! - Nikolaj Borge, Co-Founder of PokerJuice